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July 4 2005 on the National Mall

For Independence Day, we went to the National Mall.  I took film pictures and digital pictures.
I tried the hardest with the film images and these are definitely better.  Some of the digitial
images were taken by my wife by hand while I took these.  Without the tripod, a few of
the digital images are blurred.  The last digital pictures are on the tripod.  I did some experimenting
with the exposure lengths in both the digital and film images.

The exposure length for this image was short
Notice the short lines in the sky.  These images
were taken form the Mall.  See the digital pictures
to hear about the day.

Some of these pictures are crooked because of
how they were scanned.  Others because I am
apparently crooked. 

This image has a longer exposure.  It give
a pretty fireworks picture when there are not
a lot of blasts.  I now think a lower dollar
fireworks show would offer the chance to
get the best fireworks pictures because they
would shoot fewer (and sometimes only one)
at a time.

I was disappointed that the blasts were not
occurring higher in the sky. 


I was told that no one was allowed to be on
the reflection pond side of the Washington
Monument.  If I knew the fireworks would
have been eclipsed by the Monument, I would
have considered sitting by the ellipse.

At one point, a plane flew by (it was behind
the Lincoln Memorial heading toward Ronald
Reagan International Airport) and I felt special
knowing those people were getting
a look at the show from the sky.

The smoke from the earlier blasts pollutes
the images as in this one.  Shots on windy
days or early in the fireworks show probably
would give nice pictures.


I wish I had kept the flags in these pictures.

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