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Maryland Renaissance Festival

My distant cousin lives in Maryland.  My mother sent me her phone number and told me to
give her a call.  I called her and we made arrangements for the three of us (including my wife)
to get together and go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I have never been to a Star Trek
Convention, but I will say that I think the Renaissance Festival might have a more intense set of
followers.  At least one in ten people were in costume.  Most people were not just in costume,
but they were also living the roles they represented by their words and actions.  One guy walked
past some people dressed in modern clothes and he said, "What strange vestments!"  I also noted
the diversity of the attendees who dressed their parts.  Fantasy people, Harley Davidson people,
and people who seemed quite common were all in various fancy costumes.  I think that some Civil
War reenactors might be more serious about the roles they play.  Many reenactors do not partake
of modern conveniences in the ways I saw some renaissance-ers doing.

Get Thy Passport to Merriment


Me thinks she partakes of the
dreaded sticks of death!!

 A renaissance lady.


 A little fairie girl.

A feather hair-do.

A minstrel.

 Canst thou hear me now?


Based on the clothing of her
friends, I think the girl in the
pink fishnets is in costume, but
I have no idea why she dressed
this way.


 The feather hair-do again.

 The tree leaning, book reading,
cigarette smoking swordsman.

 Very nice outfits.

 Two young girls in wardrobe.

Before the doors open, every
year they perform a play.

I think this guy was in Monty
Python's Quest for the Holy

 An ornate outfit.

 Women from the play.



 These men fired the cannon
announcing the opening of the
gates and the beginning of the


 A family in costume.  The stroller
is an authentic renaissance




Men in kilts.

Big, red feather hat girl.


The fairie chicks.

Ancient tattoo woman.

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