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The National Air and Space Museum,
Udvar Hazy Annex

We went to the new Udvar Hazy Annex of the National Air and Space Museum with six of
our friends.  If you have never been, I definitely recommend it.  They have all of the big stuff that the
Air and Space Museum in DC on the National Mall cannot hold.  Basically, the building is full of
several hundred actual vehicles or remains of vehicles.  There are models, but only in a few cases
where they would never be able to fit them (Saturn V rocket) or because they are hard to get back
to Earth (NASA space communications satellite).


All over the museum, there were air and space
vehicles and signs to go with them.

Here is a little stinker hanging upside down
at the entrance.



An F-4

A WW-II fighter plane  


The Prize of the museum, an SR-71A Blackbird
(A spy plane)  Pretty Cool!


SR-71A Blackbird









We joined into a free tour being given by this
guy.  He was pretty knowledgeable about
everything in the building.  He is a volunteer.
There was another guy in our tour group who
was taking notes in a 2 inch thick binder.  We
later found out that he was a student in training
to be a tour guide.

  They actually have a Space Shuttle.  It is the
Enterprise.  Our tour guide told us that it was
going to be named something else, but due
to the popularity of Star Trek, they decided
to name it Enterprise.  He did not clarify if
NASA wanted to change it to please the public
who loved Star Trek or if it was they,
themselves who liked the show...

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